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  1. What material is made of the dryer? 
    - The frame of the dryer is made of structural steels, a sieve of internal and external cassettes of galvanized steel

  2. Grain dryer of mine type?  
    - Grain dryer of a tower type. It consists of a frame, inside which there are inner and outer sieve frames. The heat generator consists of a furnace and a heat exchanger. Cold air is heated by passing through the heat exchanger. Combustion products do not fall into the grain. Grain in the drying process drops from the top of the tower into the discharge cone. In this case, the grain passing through the two agitating cartridges changes its position two times with respect to the inner and outer sieves, which ensures the uniformity of the heating of the grain layer. Outside, the grain dryer is lined with galvanized corrugated board, which protects the grain from wind blowing. Humid air enters the atmosphere through special blinds. 

  3. On what fuel does it work?  
    - Straw in bales (bale cross-section 400x600mm), firewood, wood chips, pellets).

  4. How much fuel per hour of burning?  
    - Straw - 160kg / hour, firewood - 100-120kg / hour.

  5. Whose components?  
    - Components and materials of domestic production.

  6. Is there an electronic hygrometer in the kit?  
    - The electronic moisture meter is built into the unloading grain line and measures the moisture content of the grain in the stream. However, his testimony can not be taken to determine the actual humidity, which is determined by a hand hygrometer or laboratory method. Basically, the indications of a flow moisture meter show the dynamics of the drying process.

  7. What is the real performance of the complex?  
    - Theoretical productivity is 10 tons. wheat per hour with a 5% moisture content at an ambient temperature of at least 15 ° C. The actual performance depends on several factors (weather, human, fuel humidity). According to the results of operation of the grain dryer in the autumn-winter period 2016-17. in a farm in Orzhitsa (Poltava region) dried 3000tn. corn grain, on average 9% moisture content is removed. The average yield for maize was 9.5 tons per hour.

  8. What crops can be dried?  
    - Wheat, barley, corn, soy, sunflower, peas. In general, any crops except rapeseed and other crops, the grain size of which is less than 2.5 mm. To dry rapeseed it is necessary to make a dryer with sieves, the size of which is 1.5 mm. 

  9. Can I additionally order a set of sieves? If so, can you replace them yourself or not?  
    - Sieves are made of high-quality galvanized steel and serve during the life of the dryer. Replacement of screens can be carried out by the manufacturer, which requires a complete disassembly of the dryer. For cleaning the screens, special hatches are provided in the outer cassette. 

  10. What does the customer need to install a grain drying complex for the whole complex, as well as a dryer without a cooler?  
    - It is necessary to make a column foundation with embedded elements and concrete the area under the dryer. The foundation plan with the indication of the loads is provided by the manufacturer. The client needs to perform geodetic survey of the soil at the site of the dryer installation to determine the depth of foundation laying. Usually the foundation columns are laid at a depth of 600-800mm. Fixing elements (anchor bolts) are provided by the manufacturer. To install a grain dryer it is necessary to provide a mobile crane with a carrying capacity of 14 tons. with a boom of 22 m. To install a grain dryer the crane is needed for 4 hours, for the assembly of the vented BV-40 - up to three days. 

  11. Can we sell a grain dryer without a cooler? What price?  
    - The necessary set of grain dryer equipment includes a grain dryer, two noria (loading and unloading) with a capacity of 10 tons / hour, a heat generator, a set of electrical equipment. The vented BW-40 is a separate product. The hopper is equipped with a blowing fan. For discharge of grain from the dryer in BV-40 a gravity pipe is used. For unloading grain from BV-40, a separate noria of 20 tons per hour is usually used. 

  12. What is included in the price of a grain drying complex ? 
    - The price of the grain drying complex includes: 1. Zernosushilka. 2. Loading and unloading noria. 3. Ladder and fencing. 4.Perekidnoy valve with an electric drive, which directs the flow of grain for a repeated cycle of drying in the dryer or for unloading. 5.Teplogenerator with two fans of pressurization and three fans of hot air supply. 6. A set of electrical equipment, including grain level sensors, hot air and grain temperature sensors, a grain humidity sensor in the flow, a power control cabinet for noria and fans, sensor output devices, an electronic recorder that stores information about the temperature conditions of the dryer for a month allows to monitor contingencies). 7. A chimney height of 15.5 m with a heat recuperator. 8. Set of anchor bolts. If necessary, a metal pits can be supplied. A mechanized pit may also be installed, which is installed above the ground and does not require a special pit. In the price of the hopper-cooler is directly the bunker, made of quality galvanized steel (coating by hot dip galvanizing), a blowing fan, power equipment (usually installed in the electrical cabinet of the dryer). It also requires an unloading 20 t / h noria. Prices for the grain dryer and its individual components are attached. It also requires an unloading 20 t / h noria. Prices for the grain dryer and its individual components are attached. It also requires an unloading 20 t / h noria. Prices for the grain dryer and its individual components are attached. 

  13. What kind of metal is the furnace made in the heat generator?  
    - Structural steel. The thickness of the walls of the furnace is 10 mm, the thickness of the roof of the furnace is 14 mm. The use of heat-resistant steel did not justify itself, because when burning biomass, aggressive compounds are formed that destroy the metal. The furnace is made removable, which greatly facilitates and accelerates the repair of the heat generator in case of need.

  14. How much grain can be dried without changing the wheels?  
    - Usually from 1000 to 2000 tons. As spare parts kit is supplied with a spare set of grates. The latest design used cast iron grate bars, whose service life is much longer.

  15. What is the volume of the heat generator chamber?  
    - 2,3 m³

  16. What are the dimensions of the input window in the heat generator?  
    - 700x750mm

  17. Why such a small power heat generator? Is it enough?  
    - The heat generator is designed from the calculation of the productivity of the grain dryer. The operational experience of the KSK proved the compliance of the heat generator capacity of the grain dryer.

  18. How often do I need to pop a heat generator?  
    - 1 bales of straw in 6-10 minutes.

  19. If they heat the sawdust, you need to put an additional bunker for filing sawdust? And also the feed will be done automatically from the bunker?  
    - For the burning of sawdust (wood chips, pellets) it is necessary to install a hopper with a feeding auger and a screw controller.

  20. How many working days does it take to manufacture the complex?  
    - 45-55 days depending on the production load.

  21. Do you need to make a foundation for a grain dryer?  
    - the grain dryer experiences considerable wind loads, so it is installed on a columnar foundation.

  22. Is it stationary or mobile?  
    - Stationary.

  23. If you need a foundation, you need a drawing of it! The factory gives this?  
    - The plant provides a foundation plan indicating the loads on each support. The depth of foundation laying depends on the density of the soil. 

  24. How many tons per day can you dry the corn, humidity 25%?  
    - 120-180t. Depends on weather conditions, fuel quality, conscientiousness of the operator.

  25. What guarantee for the grain drying complex?  
    -12 months.

  26. What is the payback of a grain drying plant 
    - Zernosushilka fully pays off after drying 3000-3500t. grain. 

  27. How many people are there?  
    - As a rule, a grain dryer is served by one operator, in some farms - by two.

  28. For the supply of a grain dryer without a cooler, what kind of machine do you need 
    - Two semitrailers-length gauge. For BV-40 - one KAMAZ.

  29. To supply the grain complex what kind of machines do you need? 
    - See p.28

  30. What is the cost of installing the complex?  
    - Cost of installation - 12%, cost of installation - 6% of the cost of equipment.