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Wood chips and pellet hot water boiler BIO-FLOW

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Faust Bio-flow II wood-chip and wood-pellet-boilers

Faust Bio-flow Ⅱ boilers are automatic biomass boilers from 130 kW to 1500 kW. Bio-flow Ⅱ 130 kW to 1500 kW are a unique series of biomass boilers and in spite of their retro look, is the world’s most advanced boiler in its class.

With the Bio-Flow II series you get:

  1. A boiler that can be installed as an open expansion system, working pressure or as an open unaccented system.
  2. Complete water-cooled boiler. Gate and stoker pipes are water-cooled as well.
  3. A moveable step grate made in heat resistant cast steel with a large area, which makes it possible to out burn even the slowest burning fuels.
  4. Three independent primary zones and secondary zones of air.
  5. Dynamic air addition in the three primary and secondary zones which adapts to fuel and performance.
  6. Optional alignment of the boiler with ceramic stones for both wet and dry fuels (wet and dry boiler in one and the same boiler).
  7. Frequency controlled flue gas fan for adjustment of the pressure in the boiler.
  8. Automatic starting time and optional on/off for summer operation. The system can manage both modulating operations with glow bed firing and start/stop with a accumulation tank. The accumulation tank-system is also very applicable for operations for continues dryer.
  9. Pneumatic dust blasting of the convection tubes with controlled and monitored compressor on the boiler.
  10. A cinder system with cinder-augers and containers that manage even the most troublesome cinder.
  11. Multi cyclones which can lead the cinder to the container or through a rotary valve to other cinder systems.
  12. Faust “Black Magic” control, which is an incorporated part of the boiler connected to the internet and allows you to monitor through our SMS-service.
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