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Automatic weighing dispenser for sand dosing

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The dispenser is designed for dispensing sand of two components in prescribed portions with specific gravity up to 1600 kg / m³ and humidity up to 7%. The principle of the dispenser is based on the transformation of the values ​​of the weight of the material being weighed in the load receptor, using the sensors to an electrical signal proportional to the weight of the load.

The electrical signal from the load cells is fed into the dosing controller, which, by changing it into a digital code, and after the conversion, the results of the weighing are fed to the master controller. The sand is fed into the load receptor by a feeder including two funnels with sector closures.

1 - load receptacle; 2 - suspension; 3 - feeder; 4 - discharge flap

Parameter name PERFORMANCE
АД-500-2БП АД-1600-2БЩ АД-2000-2БЩ
The greatest limit of dosing (GLD), kg 500 1600 2000
The lowest dosing limit (LDL), kg 150 300 300
Dosing time, no more than, in 45
Discreteness of counting, kg 0,2 1,0
Accuracy class according to GOST 10223-97 2
Dosing accuracy,% ±1,0
Control of flaps Electro-pneumatic
Installed power, kW 0,3
Working pressure of compressed air, MPa 0,4-0,6
H, mm 2120 2670 3020
Overall dimensions (LxCxH), not more than, mm 1900х1310х2410 1900х1330х2960 1900х1330х3310
Weight, no more than, kg 540 560 620


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