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Grain dryers - production of grain dryers in Ukraine

KZS-10 on biofuels
KZS-10 on biofuels
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Modular grain dryer
Modular grain dryer
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Grain is a very demanding product. Moreover, there are different rules and requirements for the storage of grain, because the final result of its quality depends on storage. It is especially important to take into account the preparation of grain for storage, because at this stage the very quality of the product is formed. If prepared incorrectly, you will get poor quality after storage, which entails a loss in the future. Therefore, the preparation of grain for storage includes the drying process.

With proper use of the grain dryer, you will receive high-quality grain even after long-term storage. Most Ukrainian farmers already have grain dryers and process their grain in order to sell them at a high price in the future. To choose your own grain dryer, you need to know their basic classification and subtleties in its use.

Types of grain dryers:

  • Mobile

Grain dryers that process a small amount of products, but at the same time have the ability to move and do not need to allocate territory. The ability to move them is a major plus, and it offers great advantages in use. Mobile grain dryers are often used by small farmers with average production volumes.

  • Stationary

Stationary grain dryers are large structures located on the territory of an agrarian and are designed to dry grain in large volumes. Such grain dryers require constant monitoring and maintenance, but they open up great opportunities for the owners, since they can process large volumes of products.

Grain dryers have a huge number of modifications and types. They can be listed for a very long time, but it is much easier to describe the main types of stationary grain dryers, because they are the most popular. It is quite simple to choose a grain dryer for your production. You calculate your grain turnover and look at your options and choose the right dryer. Make any clarifications by calling the phone number listed in the contacts, so every little thing will be discussed.

You can buy grain dryers on different types of fuel, which will help you save on the operation of the grain dryer. We make grain dryers that deserve your attention, as they are designed only to help you improve the quality of your grain.

Types of stationary grain dryers:

  • Modular

Modular grain dryers are small grain dryers, the principle of which is to dry grain by circulating heated air. Warm air is produced from the combustion of fuel placed in the furnace of the grain dryer. Modular grain dryers dry the product with combustible substances in the air. The efficiency of such grain dryers is very high.

  • Tower

Tower dryers are a type of grain dryer that dries large amounts of grain by burning fuel. Inverters interfere with the grain for uniform heating, which allows you to be sure of high-quality grain drying. Tower grain dryers are reliable and efficient grain drying designs.

  • Mine

Mine grain dryers are grain dryers that fit absolutely all the rules and requirements of drying. They do not harm the grain, do not saturate it with negative components and dry evenly. The mine type grain dryer is very often used by Ukrainian farmers.