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Recycling plants for concrete, recycling of concrete waste

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Recycling system
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No construction can do without waste, and they entail losses, waste of time and human effort. Every construction company is struggling with similar losses to some extent. Waste of concrete happens very often, it is absolutely not a new phenomenon, when excess concrete remains in the concrete mixer and there is nowhere to put it. And the search for recycling begins. This happens especially often on large construction sites, where the volume of work is colossal, where a backup option for the disposal of concrete is especially needed.

Recycling concrete is one of the solutions for recycling concrete. Concrete recycling plants make it possible to recycle concrete for subsequent use. How? Let's take a closer look now!

How is concrete waste recycled through recycling?

Concrete recycling plants are fixed and connected to tanks.

Processing technology includes two reservoirs:

  • for water with particles;
  • for bulk materials (screening, crushed stone).

The concrete mixer truck pours the residual concrete into a special tank, where the concrete is washed and dispersed into two groups: residual water and solid particles. They are distributed to tanks and await reuse. Recycling concrete is considered the best option for disposing of concrete residues. The resulting materials can be reused at any time, because there are no restrictions.

A construction site with waste-free concrete production will not have minor, but fairly frequent problems with disposal. By purchasing a concrete recycling unit, the company ensures itself the minimum cost of recycling concrete residues with the possibility of further use of its components.

Why is concrete recycling so popular today?

The fact is that any business will be successful only if profits are much higher than losses, and reducing losses is a good enough way to strengthen the business. Initially, it is unconditionally necessary to invest, but then the concrete waste processing plant will work and save your money for many years. Construction site recycling technology is especially important when construction takes place on a large scale. Then one or even a pair of such equipment will be enough for the complete processing of concrete residues.

It is worth noting that there is equipment that makes it possible to supplement the concrete recycling plant and is aimed at crushing large pieces of concrete for further use. Often there are situations when it is necessary to dispose of the remains of an old building or structure, concrete can be crushed and used as solids or immersed in bags. Such equipment can also often be found on construction sites.

Recycling concrete is useful in most construction projects because it has the following benefits:

  1. Full cost savings on the disposal of concrete waste.
  2. Recyclable materials for concrete production.
  3. The processing speed is very high, which reduces the time required.
  4. A large number of additional equipment makes it possible to improve the concrete recycling plants (for example, a huge hopper for faster concrete discharge by several vehicles).
  5. Easy dismantling of the unit will allow the unit to be removed at the end of construction.

Buying recycled concrete is absolutely not a problem today. You can absolutely not worry about the quality or the guarantee, buying in our online store. Also, for each installation there is a passport, instructions for recycling concrete, which will facilitate learning how to use the device and make its work as efficient as possible.