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Mine grain dryers (mine type) from the manufacturer in Ukraine

Proper harvesting and storage of crops is one of the most important roles. Due to the climate of our country, high dampness in certain regions, the average moisture content of the harvested grain reaches 22-25%, and there are rainy seasons, then the humidity increases to 30%. And this despite the fact that the optimal figures are equal to 15% moisture content of the harvested grain.

There are ways to dry grain under the sun for a long time. But again there is a huge risk of unfavorable weather conditions or a long time spent on the drying process. The artificial method is much simpler and more stable. Special grain dryers will cope with this task without any problems. I especially want to put emphasis on mine grain dryers. Now let's talk about their features and the basic principle of operation.

What is the work of mine grain dryers based on?

These grain dryers refer to the gas type of drying. The gas installation heats the special blocks in the shaft dryer and quickly achieves the desired effect. But these are not all elements of this design.

Description of the shaft grain dryer includes:

  1. Drying shafts.
  2. Heat generator (gas installations).
  3. Ventilation system.
  4. Loading and unloading systems.
  5. Dispenser.
  6. Additional elements: supply pipes, control and monitoring systems, etc.

Each of these elements fulfills its clearly defined task. For the most efficient operation of a shaft grain dryer, all systems must function in it. The principle of operation of a shaft grain dryer is quite simple: the grain, with the help of supply pipes, enters the mines (their volume is quite large), after which the heat generator starts its work and heats the structure and the air ventilated by special motors. The grain is also mixed for more even drying.

An important part of the grain drying process is the ventilation system. In mine grain dryers, it is especially well built and designed for constant air circulation. The heated air passes through the entire section of the mines and helps to dry the grain more intensively, while the already moist air exits through the ventilation system of the outlet.

Features, advantages of mine grain dryers:

  • Shaft grain dryers allow you to dry absolutely any grain crop.

This is a great advantage of mine grain dryers, because not every type of grain dryer is suitable for all crops. Buying a grain dryer for all crops means providing yourself with the opportunity to work not only with the products of your farm, but also to work with other farmers. The mine dryer allows you to jump head and shoulders above your current level.

  • The high performance and power of the grain dryer allows you to dry even the wettest grain crops.

Even 35% humidity can dry this grain dryer. This is a big plus and a feature of the specially developed drying principle. Cereals without losing their properties will dry to the moisture percentage you need in a short period of time.

  • Mine grain dryers meet international standards.

Due to the fact that drying takes place with heated air, and not with combustible products, it is allowed to be used for export.

  • Drying of grain crops takes place evenly.

Grain circulation is a huge necessity for a dryer to achieve uniform heating.

  • They are not expensive to operate.

An important fact of low operating costs. Although the price of a mine grain dryer may seem large, it is guaranteed to bring more profit.