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Coolers for grain in Ukraine from the manufacturer's factory

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Active ventilation bunker
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The grain is very demanding for storage and maintenance. It loses its properties if stored or supplied incorrectly. Therefore, not only the growing stage is important, but also further work and actions with the grain. We provide units for grain cooling. Continuous cooling will help preserve all the properties of your product for a long time. The cooling process will result in improving the quality of grain products and, as a result, increasing its cost.

Cooling is very important after the grain drying process. Hot grain, without proper processing, loses weight, and therefore value. Grain coolers will cope with this task and will be able to preserve your grain without any loss. But how to choose a grain cooler remains a question for many. Now we will try to answer it!

What is the working principle of the grain cooler?

The main work is performed by fans, which are either located in the cooler case, or one in the center. There are many variations, and as new engineering solutions enter the market, they appear on the catalogs of many online stores. The air is heated and cooled in a special chamber as it circulates through the silo. The constant movement of air blows moisture out and makes it possible to fully achieve the desired% moisture in the grain.

The principle of operation is quite simple, but it helps to preserve the drying work done and to safely store grain from harmful weather conditions. We must not forget about the properties of grain, in particular cell respiration. This entails the result of self-heating and, over time, the development of spoilage among the whole grain. The problem is widespread not only in individual grain industries, but also within the entire industry. Storage of any bulk products can result in losses on your pocket only due to careless storage.

It is very important that grain coolers help not to lose weight. In this case, there will be no grain weight loss after the dryer. Grain coolers serve thousands of farmers and generate profits consistently every season.

Benefits of grain coolers:

  • Long service life

It is worth dwelling on the durability of the grain cooler. Durable materials will withstand all weather conditions, even in the most challenging climates. In our catalog, we have only reliable and proven products so that our customers do not risk their funds. Reliable fastening of the structure will help withstand the most severe weather.

  • High productivity

Grain coolers have high productivity, which, along with dryers, is very ahead. Productivity is an important technical characteristic of the unit, which shows how useful it will be on your farm.

  • Low price

The price of grain coolers is relatively low. It will suit many people, because a simple, reliable design, assembled in Ukrainian production, is much lower than foreign analogues. Keeping grain chilled will help you generate high returns in the future, which means it's a great investment.

The characteristics of the grain cooler from our production are very high. We have achieved an excellent result in the search for the optimal solution between low cost and reliability of the complex. Our units are located throughout Ukraine, since the production of grain coolers is not available in all areas. The price of a grain cooler will delight many farmers and grain receivers. You can provide grain cooling services if you do not have your own, which is very profitable and profitable, as practice shows.