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Heat generators on straw for grain dryers from the manufacturer in Ukraine

TPS heat generator
TPS heat generator
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Heat Generator GLC
Heat Generator GLC
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Grain dryers are massively used to improve the quality of grain crops during storage and further sale. Of course, the operation of even the most economical grain dryer requires a small but stable investment. It is constantly necessary to purchase fuel in any form. Solid fuel grain dryers consume firewood, coal briquettes, pellets and other solid fuels. Gas grain dryers steadily extract gas, and with the constant rise in prices for it, sometimes the owners try to use the grain dryer to a minimum in order to reduce costs and increase profits. There is an excellent way out of this situation.

A straw heat generator is an excellent opportunity to save money on the operation of any type of grain dryer. They provide grain dryers with hot air from the combustion of agricultural waste. Buying a heat generator for a straw dryer is a must in today's conditions. Now we'll tell you why!

What is the popularity of straw heat generators for grain dryers?

At the end of each harvest season, there is a lot of waste, including straw, which is largely unnecessary for the field owners. It can be used as fuel for grain dryers, and it turns out that absolutely free fuel will work to increase your profit. The popularity of straw heat generators among farmers in Ukrainian lands reaches record numbers. Those who use these plants can safely purchase straw and use it for a long time.

Even gas or diesel grain dryers can use straw heat generators. Rebuilding will take some time, but the result will be stunning. Fuel for a grain dryer will literally cost a penny. The efficiency of using this equipment is very high. This is the main reason for the popularity of straw heat generators for grain dryers.

Straw heat generators for grain dryers from our catalog:

  1. Comfortable.
  2. Economical.
  3. Reliable and durable.
  4. Well-assembled.
  5. Cheap.

Is it convenient to use a heat generator for a grain dryer?

Efficiency is not the only advantage that grain dryer heating generators have. They are really easy to use. Firewood or other solid fuel must be prepared for the firebox, while the straw is absolutely ready for use. Finished straw bales remain with each farmer after the season. It remains only to immerse them in the stove. Here you can use either manual force or a forklift. The telescopic loader can independently load hay directly into the oven. Yes, and on the farm, this assistant is necessary, so often the owners of the farms have it.

Heat generator manufacturers are just starting to try new engineering solutions. There are very few Western analogues, so Ukrainian engineers are leading in the production of heat generators for straw dryers. Already today you can find different types of heat generators according to many criteria. Power, method of installation, connection, types of loads and other technical characteristics of a heat generator for a grain dryer differ for all manufacturers. In order to correctly select a heat generator for your household, you need to learn all the parameters and characteristics, as well as study reviews about them.

Straw heat generators for grain dryers from our catalog are units tested by time and hundreds of farmers. They deserve to be among the leaders among all straw-fired heat generators and are produced by the best manufacturers in Ukraine.