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Heat generators on husk, chips and wastes from the producer in Ukraine

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Heat generator TPL
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Grain dryers are important and necessary equipment for farmers. Processing grain and preparing it for storage takes a very long time without the use of special equipment, so purchasing a grain drying unit is a necessity in our time. But the maintenance of a grain dryer often becomes a problem for owners, because it needs to be heated, and prices are growing every day. The grain dryer can be improved and equipped with heat generators.

We offer heat generators for grain dryers on husk, wood chips, waste, which will save your money, while being very convenient to use. These heat generators have a lot of their advantages, which we will now talk about. The operating principle itself is very unique and deserves attention, as it can increase the efficiency of your unit.

What fuel is suitable for this heat generator?

These heat generators are suitable for all wood waste that may appear after wood processing, as well as agricultural waste. This is a very cool opportunity to get fuel from waste, because it will cost a penny, and the benefits will be huge. Husk, wood chips burn very strongly and give off a lot of heat, which allows the dryer to warm up to high temperatures. Heat generators using husk and wood chips do not consume much fuel. Wood waste will burn gradually, you will not get wasted fuel, since the special design of the heat generator in conjunction with the grain dryer uses all the heat that is obtained as a result of operation.

Wood waste heat generators can serve very long and economically. There is an opinion that due to the combustion of the husk, the economizer or other elements are clogged. But this is absolutely not the case, our development is aimed specifically at getting rid of this problem. You will not experience such inconveniences due to the well-built design of the heat generator. Hull grain dryers are used very often and in many agricultural industries, which is the main indicator of the strengths of using these heat generators.

Advantages of heat generators on husk, wood chips:

  • profitability;
  • high productivity;
  • unit reliability;
  • ease of use;
  • easy installation and connection.

It is very convenient to use heat generators. They make it possible, without making any special adjustments to the operation of grain dryers, to remake them for the required type of fuel. Husk and wood chips are among the most convenient to use for burning. Why? There are several factors:

  1. They are sold in handy bags that can be easily poured into the firebox.
  2. They do not take up much space in production, territory.
  3. Do not require processing before use.
  4. They have a high degree of combustion.

Hull, wood chip and waste heat generators are a very profitable investment that will pay off over time. Due to its economy, it will take only a couple of seasons for the complete payback of the unit. Further, it will work for your wallet.
The work of heat generators can be implemented in a grain dryer of any type of combustion. Even gas or solid fuel ones will easily use husk or wood chips with the help of a heat generator.

Also, these heat generators can be used in parallel and the furnace of the grain dryer, as an addition. This increases the versatility of the dryer. In addition to husk and wood chips, agricultural waste can also be used. They are even more accessible and can be fed into the firebox in large quantities. The automatic feeding makes it easier for you to work with the husk grain dryer.

It is easy to buy a heat generator for husk, wood chips, agricultural waste and wood processing from our catalog!