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Heat generators on solid wood fuel for grain dryers in Ukraine

Heat Generator GLC
Heat Generator GLC
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A heat generator is a unit with which you can perfectly save. A heat generator is a kind of additional equipment for various furnaces or dryers in different industries. The agricultural industry also uses heat generators to dry grain. There are a lot of varieties, different principles of operation and the type of fuel that each of them distinguishes, not to mention the materials used during construction.

In this category you will find solid fuel heat generators, in particular wood fired. They are truly considered some of the most economical and beneficial to dry. On the other hand, if you already have a grain dryer, how to connect this wood-fired heat generator to it, and how does it work? Now we will easily answer these questions, removing any doubts from you!

Can a wood-fired heat generator be connected to my grain dryer?

Heat generators are optional equipment for any type of grain dryer. Grain dryers even on gas or liquid fuel can use wood-fired heat generators. But do not forget that in order for your grain dryer to be effective, you must adhere to its heating principles, therefore there are several conditions that must be taken into account:

  1. Sometimes the grain dryer must be prepared for connection from the beginning and changes must be made to its firebox and heating system. This is rare, and most often happens with the connection of a wood-fired heat generator for a grain dryer from another manufacturer. Consider this condition before buying for a smart choice.
  2. To connect a wood-fired heat generator to a grain dryer, it is necessary to introduce an air supply system, if there is none yet. The supply of hot air to the grain dryer will ensure rapid drying and uniform heating of the grain. It is important to consider that hot air must be clean, free of carbon dioxide and toxic substances. This is not always adhered to, although this greatly affects the quality of the grain.
  3. A wood-fired heat generator must be connected to the grain dryer not only with "iron", but also with "brains". All electrical equipment must be embedded inside the dryer and correctly connected to all systems. This will ensure high safety and ease of use. Solid fuel heat generators can be fully integrated into the grain dryer and serve with it for many years, while saving your money.

Why is it worth buying a wood-fired heat generator for a grain dryer?

A solid fuel heat generator is a huge savings. Just imagine that your costs for operating a grain dryer will be reduced by 2, or even 3 times! You will be able to heat your grain dryer with any type of solid fuel, including wood. Firewood today can be ordered in any form and any volume, as well as a low price. The price of a solid fuel heat generator is quite low, which allows everyone to purchase fuel supplies for several seasons.

We manufacture these units ourselves, therefore we have the lowest price. It is very easy to buy a heat generator for a wood-fired grain dryer from our catalog, because both production and sales take place in Ukraine. Any wishes and comments are taken into account and adjustments can be made, which is doubly pleasant for our customers. This is our great advantage that deserves your attention. The principle of operation of a wood-fired heat generator has been tested by time and many tests. Our units surprise not only with the price, but also with their productivity, efficiency and economy.