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Modular grain dryers from the manufacturer in Ukraine

Modular grain dryer
Modular grain dryer
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The "Plant of Dosing Automats" has developed and put into operation a modular grain dryer! Powered by wood and straw! In continuous or cyclic drying modes!

Crops require special care for themselves, therefore it is very responsible and important to carefully consider the stage of their storage and preservation of quality. The work of a grain dryer is aimed at controlling the yield, maintaining and maintaining the required level of moisture. Grain dryers actually save crops from weather conditions that often spoil farmers' income.

These devices will make it easier for you to create ideal conditions for grain production, and will give you time to do other, more important tasks. The problem of proper storage of grain concerns every owner who is engaged in farming. Modular grain dryers solve this issue and virtually free the hands of all farmers. Buying a grain dryer for your farm is considered a promising and reliable investment, because the result will be guaranteed!

What is the uniqueness of the modular grain dryer?

The outdated principles of servicing crops do not involve any action to extract moisture from the crops. In fact, this is very important and should be in the leading priorities. Drying the grain gives excellent results, including the return on profit.

Modular grain dryer SGT is a Ukrainian-made grain dryer. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that drying takes place by the circulation of air heated by the combustion of wood, various waste after harvest, straw and other combustible materials. Not all units have such an opportunity.

The wood-fired grain dryer provides excellent benefits, because its fuel will be spent in minimal quantities. If the grain culture has less than 35-30% moisture content, then it is suitable for drying. In most cases, this moisture content is typical of recently harvested grain. Therefore, the modular grain dryer is very easy to use.

Advantages of modular grain dryers:

  1. High efficiency of grain dryers. Efficiency lies in low fuel costs, since the use of grain or wood waste will not take up the lion's share of your budget. Heating with such materials is a great opportunity to save your money. If you buy a grain dryer on coal or other materials, then the efficiency will be significantly lower, but there is a chance of increasing productivity.
  2. Large power reserve of the unit. Ukrainian-made grain dryers have a high capacity even with poor fuel. This feature was achieved by a special engineering development of the grain dryer operation scheme. With a relatively small size, the power of the unit is very high. The characteristics of Ukrainian-made grain dryers are no different from foreign Western options. Moreover, you can buy a grain dryer with increased capacity for faster processing of grain crops.
  3. Convenient operation and long service life. Operation is convenient due to several facts: firstly, as we have already mentioned, grain dryers in Ukraine have the ability to be heated with wood, various grain residues or straw. This list is much longer and longer, but it is quite clear that you will not have a shortage of fuel! Secondly, a grain crop in any form can fit into the section of this unit. Some continuous cycle dryers have requirements for grain or other crops. There are universal options in our catalog that will be really convenient to use.
  4. Reliable materials and low cost. Ukrainian production makes itself felt, because the high quality of materials and low cost combined in one device are the features of our engineers. The price of a grain dryer is very low, while all technical characteristics compare it with the best grain dryers in the world.