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Pellet boilers ULMA AB from our production 120 x 120 mm

Pellet boiler Ulma Lambda
Pellet boiler Ulma Lambda
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The Dozavtomaty company is the official dealer of ULMA AB Sweden pellet boilers in Ukraine. These boilers comply with all EU environmental and technical regulations. The burners are ignited using a hot air element.

Thus, we can provide a full 5-year warranty for the ignition element (see the warranty conditions in the manual). A pellet burner maintains the temperature and ventilation in the house, thus avoiding problems with humidity. Pellets are classified as renewable energy sources that do not harm the environment, like fossil fuels (e.g. coal, gas, oil).

Burning wood pellets does not lead to an increase in carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide released during combustion is the same as the carbon dioxide absorbed by trees as they grow, part of the natural carbon cycle.