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Services: sandblasting, metal structures and metal processing

Metal processing
Metal processing
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Services of sandblasting
Services of sandblasting
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Calculation of the price individually грн
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Sandblasting of metal – is a type of cold treatment of products, metal structures and other materials before coating with special anti-corrosion or protective layers. Sandblasting must be carried out before each reconstruction or restoration. Metal also has a service life and requires attention after a long service life. And its processing plays an important role in all process of restoration of a metalwork.

The unique technology of surface treatment with sand or abrasive powder gives an excellent cleaning effect. After such treatment, the metal will last more than a decade, which means that it can be considered reliable. Also, we provide services for the manufacture of metal structures, which are also manufactured using special devices. Now we will tell in more detail about these services.

1. Sandblasting services

Sandblasting plays an important role in the whole process of metal processing. Removal of a paint and varnish covering, corrosion layers and their traces is easily carried out by means of services of sandblasting. You can easily get a great result from the old metal structure, because it will have a new look and get rid of all the problems of metal structures.

There are no obstacles before sandblasting, because it cleans the metal before its foundation. Incredible pressure processes metal at high speed. It is possible to reconstruct a metalwork by means of sandblasting simply, having handed over it in our plant of dosing automatic machines.

Advantages of sandblasting:

  • speed;
  • you can handle any size items;
  • the quality of cleaning is at the highest level, because the sandblasting does not leave unnecessary components;
  • the surface of the structure is not damaged;
  • cheap processing.

Sandblasting of metal gives the effect of adhesion and luster of the metal. It is completely ready for processing by any means. Sandblasting services are in great demand because they are needed not only by individuals but also by large enterprises engaged in the manufacture of metal structures. You will learn more about our production of metal structures now.

2. Manufacture of metal structures

The production of mental structures is a big and responsible task. Metal structures have a large number of varieties and types in many respects.

The main ones are: 

  1. Type of fastening.
  2. Installation methods.
  3. Purpose and role in the future.

Metal structures have high reliability and strength when properly manufactured. The production of metal structures includes many different tasks and stages. We would like to note at once that the price of sandblasting is much lower than the manufacture of a new metal structure, because to obtain a new, high-quality component requires a lot of effort and knowledge. At construction of such designs it is not necessary to forget about literacy of miscalculations of loading on a metalwork. In case of erroneous miscalculations, the structure may not withstand the load and will collapse.

We provide additional services of sandblasting or fabrication of metal structures at a low price. You will get the desired result without much investment and time. Fast sandblasting of metal will save you from unnecessary problems and will increase durability of a design several times, and production of new metalwork will help to build the necessary unit or adaptation.

3. Metal processing

Our plant provides additional services for metal processing according to the customer's drawings.

List of services provided by our plant:

  1. Machining of metal (milling size up to 900x500x1000 and weighing up to 9000kg on the machine ZG712).
  2. Plasma cutting of metal thicknesses (from 1 mm to 100 mm, the size of preparations. Sheets 1500x6000mm).
  3. Flexibility of details thickness of (met. up to 6 mm and length up to 2500 mm).
  4. Rolling of details, production from a sheet of thicknesses (6х2000х6000).
  5. Rolling of a corner, a channel.
  6. Machining of metal on universal lathes of medium complexity.
  7. Press work on the customer's equipment.
  8. Welding works on various welding machines and production of metal structures.
  9. Painting of LK products and powder paints, including large structures.
  10. Contact welding of details and knots.
  11. Guillotine cutting of sheet thickness details. (up to 6mm and up to 3000mm wide).
  12. Sandblasting of small and large products and structures and much more.

The dosing machine factory is always glad to provide you with quality services!