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Tower dryers (tower type) from the manufacturer in Ukraine

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KZS-10 on biofuels
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We offer to buy a tower-type grain dryer from our catalog. Why do we recommend doing this with us? Let's tell you now!

Grain buyers are increasingly demanding it. Various standards and regulations are starting to restrict ordinary farmers and grain processors. Those that do not have grain dryers fade into the background, because their products are significantly lower in cost. As a result, without grain dryers, profit decreases out of the blue.

We offer you to buy a tower grain dryer and increase your productivity and profitability. One significant contribution will increase your earnings for many years to come. Why are we so sure? This time is also shown by the statistics of successful farms. Those who have tower grain dryers have several times more income.

The principle of operation of the tower grain dryer

These dryers should be used for farms with large volumes of monoculture. Tower grain dryers deserve their attention due to their ease of operation and reliability in particular. The culture enters the dryer from above and is distributed on the columns, in which it is dried. Heating occurs due to the combustion of fuel (often wood, pellets or coal) and the circulation of the released air along the pillars. For uniform heating of the grain, inverters are used, which mix the grain from the inside out in a column. It turns out that absolutely all the pillars are heated equally and evenly, also with the grain.

Tower grain dryers have not only drying sections, but also cleaning units, as well as devices with which the grain is evenly poured out. Cleaning is very thorough and helps improve grain quality for added value. A special net will not even let a spikelet pass through, because it is intended only for grain crops. The developed design of the crop supply, which does not harm the walls of the tower grain dryer (so that there is no sandblasting effect).

The grain cooling section completely completes the drying process and helps it not to lose its quality. Cooling is done by fans that consume a minimum of electricity and the system has very reliable motors.

As you can see, the principle of operation of a tower grain dryer is very simple. Maintenance of such, at first glance, high-tech, but affordable equipment for you will not take much time or money. Only one requirement is set by manufacturers, this is regular maintenance of the cleaning net. With the constant operation of this unit, there should be no power loss. Operation of the grain dryer will bring you only convenience and profit.

Advantages of a tower grain dryer:

  • Very convenient assembly and disassembly.

The assembly is carried out with bolts, which greatly simplifies assembly and disassembly. Bolts make it possible to quickly and reliably assemble or disassemble the structure. Only one team of workers will independently install the entire structure.

  • Great for corn.

Corn is very popular with farmers, so this advantage is quite compelling. Correct storage of corn is the key to high profitability of the farm. In Ukraine, having a tower grain dryer for corn is not an opportunity, but a necessity.

  • Low maintenance and operating costs.

We have already highlighted this advantage, because the simple operation of the unit helps to reduce additional costs.

  • Takes up little space on the farm.

If the territory does not give an opportunity to "roam", then tower grain dryers will suit your farm. A large volume of processed products with minimal space costs is what many farmers are looking for. Plus to all the advantages that the price of a tower grain dryer is very low, which makes the purchase doubly easy.