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Address supply of concrete and concrete in Ukraine from the manufacturer

Transport tanks for rail systems of concrete supply
Transport tanks for rail systems of concrete supply
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Crane kyubels
Crane kyubels
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With the growing popularity of construction work and the discovery of new technologies in this area, new units are being opened in this industry that facilitate the transportation of concrete mixtures. Automatic concrete feeding is provided by special equipment, which is designed for fast and high-quality transfer of concrete mix from the central production to the destination (placement). Due to different working conditions, different types of automatic concrete batching may be used. Typically, such systems are used by manufacturing and construction companies.

Speed ​​is the main advantage of using automatic concrete batching systems. This opens up new opportunities to save money on the delivery of concrete to the right place. Indeed, you can often see these units on mass construction sites, because they are very useful. What else are their advantages, and what is the principle of operation of equipment for targeted concrete supply, now we will consider!

Why targeted concrete supply to the object can be useful to you?

There are several factors that support the usefulness of an automatic concrete batching system. The main advantage is time and cost savings. Just imagine that concrete will be delivered to the desired point without being transported by a concrete mixer or without the help of human resources. And as a result, payments to these workers are not needed, and the concrete mixer will no longer pull money from you. The targeted concrete delivery after loading will be directed exactly to the right place and will fulfill its role without difficulty.

The concrete supply system requires an initial investment, so not everyone is at risk of purchasing them. But the advantages provided by automatic fuel supply increase the speed of construction or production several times, and the price will be rebuffed by reducing the labor force and attracting transport. Enterprises with these systems are an order of magnitude more productive than companies with old technologies.

In any case, the task of conveying concrete will be acute, the only question is whether you want to reach a new level and automate the work of your enterprise, or continue to work with old technologies. The automated concrete conveying system provides clear and useful benefits that can be easily implemented in your plant.

Advantages of equipment for targeted concrete supply:

  1. Production speed increases.
  2. Costs for delivery of concrete mix are reduced.
  3. Reduced labor force.
  4. Simple operation and equipment management.
  5. Minimum transportation costs.

The principle of operation of the concrete supply system

The concrete is loaded into a bucket or transport container, after which it is directed along the tracks to the desired point, where it is unloaded to the receiving point. Transportation can be both crane and rail. In any case, these units can be arranged for your enterprise, since the development of the transportation system is individual. Concrete is transported very quickly, so there will be no loss of concrete.

Containers for conveying concrete of very pleasant volumes, they can withstand a large weight, which will increase the productivity of the enterprise. There are various complete sets of automatic systems for the supply of concrete mixtures, which will facilitate your choice and help you find the right equipment.