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About company

 TDV «Additional Liability Company "Plant of Automatic Dosing Systems" originates from 1939, as Odessa regional weight-repair base branch. Our company has gone through a lot on its are of developing from that moment. We are leaders in our segment about 80 years, and we still working actively and developing progressively

We have a huge potential of highly skilled management and engineering specialists and as a result, we have huge experience in our own unique developments in the dosing equipment, concrete mixing plants, heat generators on bio-fuels manufacturing.

Our plant is included into the domestic machinery and equipment list for the agro-industrial complex, the value of which is partly compensated by state budget assets. Only this attitude allows our business to occupy a leading position in the Ukrainian equipment market for many years.

The enterprise is completely focused on satisfying consumers’ needs, through assortment, quality, accessibility and service.

Main products` types:

  • automatic weighing batchers for mortars and concretes production;
  • dispensers for food products packing;
  • concrete mixing plants;
  • tower grain (wheat drying) drying complexes and modular (gas drying machine, gas drying machine on bio-fuel) types;
  • industrial and household boilers on bio-fuel;
  • elevator equipment;
  • heat bio-fuel generators (TPS, wheat drying fuel).

The plant realizes obsolete equipment replacement and modernization complex projects at the reinforced concrete plant. Furthermore, we always take into account all customer requirements. Moreover, we provide grain dryers adaptation from gas and diesel fuel to bio-fuel.

Our Advantages

  1. Flexible payment terms.
  2. Our equipment has an optimal price-quality ratio. ( equipment price-quality ratio accordance).
  3. Expedient payback periods for concrete plants.
  4. Replenish of any plant with equipment from various foreign manufacturing plants.
  5. Quick concrete plants installation on construction sites.
  6. Service support and after-sales service.
  7. Ability to upgrade existing equipment.
  8. Up to 40% compensation for grain drying equipment for farms.

List of our installed objects:

1. Concrete mixing plants:

  1. Closed JSC "Radiy", Kropivnitsky - concrete plant UBS - 12;
  2. CJSC "Ukrainian Construction Company", Kiev - concrete plant UBS - 40;
  3. LLC "Element", Odessa- concrete plant UBS - 40;
  4. LLC "Boguslavsky RCC Plant", Boguslav, Kyiv region-concrete plant UBS - 60;
  5. State Institution "Directorate for Construction of Nuclear Power Plant" Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Ostrovets borough - concrete plants UBS 90.1 and UBS 90.2;
  6. PJSC "Sabarovsky quarry",  Vinnitsa- concrete plant UBS - 40;
  7. PJSC "TOM Invest Bud" LTD, Chernyakhovtsi, Ternopil region- concrete plants UBS 16 and UBS 40;
  8. LLC "South - Beton" Odessa region, Belyaevsky borough, Usatovo- concrete plant UBS - 80;
  9. LLC "Specialized Installation Management No. 25", Poltava- concrete plant UBS - 40;
  10. LLC "Plant of technological equipment" Kropivnitskiy, ul. Volkova, 13, G (For SHP "Chernobyl NPP");
  11. LLC "TORG" Budivelnyk "Kyiv region, Obukhov district, city of Ukrainka- concrete plant UBS - 60;
  12. LLC "WESTT TD", Odessa concrete plant UBS - 80;
  13. LLC "Plant Buddetal" Cherkassy- concrete plant UBS - 40;
  14. LLC "Emilovskoye HPP" Kirovograd region, Golovanevsky district,Emilovka- concrete plant UBS - 40;
  15. JSC "Factory of reinforced concrete products", Rivne city, Kyivska str., 92- concrete plant UBS - 40;
  16. LLC "Respect - Invest" Znamensky diatrict,Moshorino Str. Lenin 1- concrete plant UBS - 40;
  17. Private enterprise "PORTLAND - 2000" Kropivnitskiy, ul Volkova 2- concrete plant UBS - 40;
  18. JSC "Borisovzhilstroy" Republic of Belarus, Minsk Region, Borisov, Chapaeva St., 84- concrete plant UBS - 40;
  19. CJSC "Factory of building designs" Kiev, st. Yakutsk, 10- concrete plant UBS - 80;
  20. LLC "New Arbat", Mykolayiv, ul. Chkalov St., 25/1- concrete plant UBS - 40;
  21. Private enterprise "Alekseenko EE" Kyiv region, Belaya Tserkov,lane Stroiteley,1- concrete plant UBS - 40.

2. Upgraded factories:

  1. LLC "MetallInvestResurs", Zaporozhye, St. 40 let Sov. Of Ukraine,
  2. LLC"Budpostach", the city of Krivoy Rog., St. Ordzhonikidze 67/1,
  3. OJSC "ZZhBK-15", Kharkov, Moscow avenue, 299;
  4. LLC "AMO" Dnepr, St. The embankment of victory, 36A,
  5. OJSC "Nikolaevzhelezobeton 1-" Mykolaiv, St. Industrial, 1;
  6. Statutory territorial-branch association Southern railway, Kharkov, St. Red Army;
  7. LLC "Monolith" Building Alliance "Kharkov, per. Malo-Panasovsky, 4/7;
  8. OJSC "Zhulyany", Kyiv, St. Yakutsk, 9;
  9. OJSC "Novomoskovsk plant of concrete products", smt. Meliorative, St. Zavodskaya1, Novomoskovskiy borough, Dnepropetrovsk region;
  10. CJSC ZZHBK-1 Zaporozhye, St. Finalnaya 1-b;
  11. JSC "ABA" Moldova, m.Belts, St. Stefan cel Maare, 182;
  12. LLC «PROMSAT», Kiev, St. Shutova, 9;
  13. JSC "BeNT" Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty region, pos. Pervomaisky, Ili district;
  14. CJSC "Plant of Building Products -1", Kyiv, St. Wheat 2;
  15. JSC "F.E.C." mun. Chisinau, St. Uzinelor, 96;
  16. JSC "Otradny", Kyiv, St. Koziletskaya 24;
  17. JSC "Yuzhspetsstroy" Kharkov, St. Twenty-third of August, 34;
  18. Private enterprise "Intertrade" Lutsk, St. Industrial, 6;
  19. OJSC "Ilyichevsk Plant of ZhBK" Odessa Region, Illichivsk, p. Malodolinsky, St. Vinokurova, 1;
  20. LLC "Mziuri" ltd. Kharkov, per. Little - Panasovsky 4 \ 7;
  21. OJSC "Nikolaevzhelezobeton-1" Mykolaiv, St. Industrial, 1;
  22. LLC "KP Zaporozhye plant of reinforced concrete products" Zaporozhye, St. Kololiova 7;
  23. CJSC "Rivne house-building factory" Rivne, St. Builders, 1;
  24. LLC "Monolith" building alliance ". Kharkov, per. Little - Panasovsky 4 \ 7; OJSC "Kievmetrostroy", Kyiv, St. Svetlogorsk, 2 \ 25;
  25. JSC "Regional plant of reinforced concrete products and structures", Vinnitsa, St. Aivozovsky, 4;
  26. LLC "Cherkasy factory of reinforced concrete products" Cherkassy, ​​St. Gromova, 169;
  27. JSC "Galenergobudprom" Lviv region, Striysky district, Dooliba;
  28. CJSC "Tavriya Construction Company" Kherson, St. Adm. Makarova, 203;
  29. LLC "Korosten Plant ZHBSH" Korosten, St. Mayakovsky, 78;
  30. LLC "Gnivan Plant of Special Ferroconcrete" Vinnitsa Region, Gnivan, St. Industrial, 15;
  31. LLC "Plant of technological equipment" Kropivnitsky, St. Volkova 13 G;
  32. State enterprise "Starokonstantinovsky plant of reinforced concrete sleepers" Khmelnytsky region, Starokonstantinov,
  33. OJSC "Mykolayiv house - building factory". Mykolayiv;
  34. PJSC "Betonmash" Donetsk region, Slavyansk, St. Solodilov, 1;
  35. LLC "Zhytomyr - Agrobusting Industry" Zhytomyr, St. Industrial, 10;
  36. LLC "Mykolayiv plant of reinforced concrete products" Mykolayiv, St. Industrial 3-A;
  37. PJSC "Zavod ZhBK 13", Kharkov, St. Matrosov 1-A;
  38. LLC "Podillya - Reinforced concrete", Vinnytsia, Tarnogrodskogo St., 14 \ A;
  39. PJSC "Kyivmetrostroy" Kiev, St. Cutting 8;
  40. LLC "Plant of reinforced concrete products No. 7" Poltava, Shevchenka lane, 20;
  41. S.A. DECEBAL mun. Chisinau, St. Uzenelor, 12a;
  42. PJSC "Concrete Nova" Donetsk region, pos. Mironovsky,St. The Soviet, 42;
  43. LLC "Kolomyisky concrete" Ivano-Frankivsk region, Kolomiya, St. Tyutyunyka, 11;
  44. Element LLC, Odessa, St. And there. Chepigi, 35 \ 2;
  45. PJSC "House-building plant №4", Kiev, Lugovaya St, 13;
  46. LLC "Balovsky Plant of Reinforced Concrete Structures" Dnepropetrovsk Region,                  
  47. Dnepropetrovsk District, s.Partizanskoye, St. Lenin, 25 I;
  48. PJSC "Regional factory of reinforced concrete products and structures", Vinnitsa, St. Aivazovsky, 4-A;
  49. LLC "GarantPlusBud", Ivano-Frankivs'k, St. Tselevich, 4;
  50. LLC with AI "Transinvestservis" Odessa region, Kominternovskiy borough, p. Vizirka;
  51. PJSC "REMBUDKOMPLEKT" Kyiv region, Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district, Vyshneve city, Kiyevskaya street, 15;
  52. MPP "Taron" Kropivnitsky, the lane Klintsovsky, 12 \ 2;
  53. PJSC "Brovarsky Plant of Building Structures" Kyiv region, Brovary, St. Powder coating, 2.

3. Tower grain (wheat drying) drying complexes and modular type:

  1. LLC "LEFET-KOMERTS" Kirovograd region, Dolinskaya - grain drying complex KZS-10;
  2. "JV" Ilyinetskoe "Vinnytsia region, Ilyinets district, with. Ilinetskoe - grain drying complex KZS - 10;
  3. LLC "Step" Kirovograd region, Alexandria district, with. Kukolovka - grain drying complex KZS-10;
  4. State enterprise "Kuzemin - Agro" Sumy region, Akhtyrsky district, with. Kuzemin - grain drying complex  KZS-10;
  5. LLC "Getman Samoilovich - Agro" Zhytomyr region, Popelnyansky district, with. Khodorkov- grain drying complex KZS-10;
  6. Agricultural farming Fomenko E.V. Kirovograd region, s.Solnechnoe -  grain drying complex KZS-10;
  7. State enterprise Chernov A.S. Kirovograd -  grain drying complex KZS-10;
  8. Farming "Kozakov" Kirovograd region., Kompanievsky district., Gubovka grain drying complex KZS - 10;
  9. LLC "Agrokrregion" Kirovohrad region, Malovikovskiy borough, v. Rozohuvatka - grain drying complex  KZS-10;
  10. LLC "Kirovograd - Agrotrans", Kirovograd - grain drying complex KZS-10;
  11. LLC "Kamenetskoe - Agro" Vinnitsa region, Teplik district, v. Wheatears - grain drying complex KZS-10;
  12. LLC "Putilovitskoye" Zhytomyr region, Luginsky district, v. Putilovichi -  grain drying  complex KZS-10;
  13. Farming "Zhuravel" Poltava region, Semenovsky district, v. Haivka - complex grain drying KZS-10;
  14. LLC "KIK - Agro" Kirovograd region, Kompanievsky district,v. Harmanivka -  grain drying complex KZS-10;
  15. LLC PO "Victoria" Khmelnytsky region., Volochinsky district.,  Kopachivka - grain drying complex  KZS-10;
  16. Private Agrofirma "  Beryozka" Chernihiv region, Chernihiv district.v. Chernysh - grain drying complex KZS-10;
  17. Private Agrofirma "Skid" Mykolaiv region, Pervomaisk,   Dolgaya Pristan' grain drying complex  KZS-10;
  18. Farming "Podkova +" Poltava region, Orzhitsky district, v. Orzhitsa - grain drying complex KZS-10;
  19. JV "Miroslavel - Agro" Zhytomyr region, Baranovskiy borough, v. Miroslavl - grain drying complex KZS-10;
  20. LLC "Lumen", Kiev, ul. Kikvidze - grain drying complex KZS-10;
  21. LLC "Souta", Odessa., St. Brick Shkodovaya mountain - grain drying complex  KZS-10;
  22. LLC "Golden Spike - 2012" Kirovograd region, Novgorod district, v. Tarasovka - grain dryer complex SGT-8;
  23. LLC Mast-Oil, Kirovograd., Aleksandriyskaya str., 87 - grain dryer complex  SGT-8;
  24. Private farming "Olga" Cherkasy region, Zvenigorod borough, v. Kobylyaki - grain drying complex KZS-10;
  25. LLC "Technopol Agro" Kirovograd region,v. Fedorovka - grain dryer complex SGT-8;
  26. Farming «Shatelyuk» Zhytomyr region .., Andrushivsky borough, from Volosov- grain drying complex  KZS-10;
  27. LLC "Step" Kirovograd region, Alexandria borough, v. Kukolovka-grain drying complex  KZS-10;
  28. LLC "Kirovograd - Agrotrans" Kirovograd., St. Murmansk 29Zh - grain drying complex  KZS-10;
  29. Farming  "Borisko" Chernihiv region, Chernihiv district., v. Chernysh - grain drying complex  KZS-10.